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  • DETAIL WITH CARE – Get detailing right with our lint-free microfiber cloth. It’s designed for finishing after you’ve handled your car’s paintwork care. Wipe and dry without the risk of damage.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT – These cloths have active microfibers that soak up water and other liquids quickly. The structure of super-fine microfibers allows it to hold up to 6 times of its weight in water.
  • REMOVES RESIDUES EFFECTIVELY – Get rid of any polish or wax residues that have been stuck in your paintwork. Our cleaning cloth makes quick work of these and allows the car’s color to shine.
  • SOFT & LINT-FREE – One touch of our microfibre rag and you’ll notice how soft it is to ensure a gentle wipe. It also doesn’t leave any lint or fabric on the surface for a truly thorough clean.
  • WASHABLE, REUSABLE – Our absorbent detailing cloth is no single-use cleaning tool. It’s fully washable at up to 40C and durable enough to last a long time. Wash and reuse for every detailing job.

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